Our Creative Hands

We personally make the items that are purchased here in the USA. You will find unique items for home decor inside and outside. All pieces are handmade we are very aware that you may request your purchase by a specific date which can be discussed prior to ordering otherwise orders will be shipped within 10 business days of your purchase if not sooner. 

Why Choose Us?

Husband and Wife team who love to create. We make signs, birdhouses,tables, benches, and many other items. You have a special order we are your team. We have had the opportunity to make wedding adornments as well as photography shoots. We can ship if requested- 

About Us

Rachel and Steve

store owner

Husband and wife team who have been crafting for over 25 years. Custom orders are always welcomed I have always enjoyed working with my hands whether it be in our garden tending to the plants or reorganizing our home. My husband always teased me thinking that if he ever lost his sight it would not be a good thing since I can't leave the furniture in one spot for over a month. Both my parents were craftsmen, my Dad an upholsterer and my Mom crafted all the time, which she had to since there are 5 of us children so creativity runs deep in my soul. I work best at night here is when the ideas flow the house is quiet I am able to kick up my feet and just think about projects I want to do.I make a list each night for the following day of what I want to accomplish. I generally get it all done! I am a customer service rep during the day but I work from home so I am able to choose my own hours. My office includes my sewing machine , patterns, fabric etc so I am always surrounded by ideas. I only do one craft show a year this keeps me quite busy between my daytime job and crafting. The show allows me to create larger items that I would not be able to ship. Here is when I get to take some of my great garage sale finds that I have upcycled to market. My life is a happy life , surrounded by family, 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren and a very special husband. He is so creative himself and I love that we can throw ideas off each other.Thank you for taking the time to see my items and to read about who I am. Any questions just send me an email will be happy to help!